Mevion has designed a high-energy proton source that has dramatically reduced the size, cost, and complexity of proton acceleration; the world’s first superconducting synchrocyclotron. The enabling technology is the TriNiobium Core™, an industrially used superconducting metallic compound called TriNiobium Tin (Nb3Sn) that is at the center of the accelerator. Powered by the TriNiobium Core, this revolutionary proton accelerator is only 6 ft (1.8 m) in diameter, but can generate 250 MeV protons capable of reaching targets as deep as 32 cm. With this dramatic size reduction, the proton source is coupled to a high-precision beam delivery and shaping device, and tightly integrated with the most advanced clinical systems.

The MEVION S250 Proton Therapy System is USFDA 510(k) cleared and complies with MDD/CE requirements.